Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Our Wild, Wacky Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend started on Friday when Jason delivered the munchkins around 6:30. After a quick dinner, we were out to play. Emmy looks so cute in this picture because she was trying to sneak into the water guns that were off limits till the next afternoon.

Zeke was interested in one thing only; talking on the phone. He kept saying, "Hello?" "HI!"

I bought sidewalk chalk so the kids could decorate my patio. Boy did they go to town. As you can see Emmy is hard at work.

Elijah draws some hearts. Look at that smile with no front teeth!

Zekey even joined the fun!

This is the tulip that Emmy and I drew together.

Time to wash it all away!

Rub a Dub Dub 3 Munchkins in a Tub!

All cleaned up and ready to settle down.

Zekey didn't last long and Emmy's not far behind!

Good Morning Zekey!

Emmy with her water-gun. Watch out!

Elijah's got great aim!

Dance Revolution was a favorite activity. Elijah got quite good at it!

While Dad was putting together my new grill, Emmy and Zeke played house in the box. This entertained them for hours, until.....

Elijah came along and realized they were having fun without him. He wanted to change a few things in Emmy's "Mansion" so.....

Emmy threw a royal hissy fit! Off to pout under the tree. Zeke wanted to comfort her, but she wouldn't have it!

Elijah and Zeke decided to be monkeys and climb my tree.

The weekend ended with lots of great food.

The weekend was so wonderful. The kids were a hoot. Zeke was such a little sweetheart. When he wrinkles his nose and says, "I'm Funny!" I couldn't help but laugh. We took the kids to the movies to see "Over the Hedge." It was a great movie, but Zeke might have been a little young yet. He kept laughing at the wrong times and announcing how funny it was out loud. But, we had lots of fun. Although it would appear that there were no adults here for the weekend, there really were. Mom, Dad and Andrea were also here and it was a great time with family. We missed Jay and Holly, but they got some much needed quiet time!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

4 Days and Counting....

Only 4 days left! Now that sounds great except Sue is done tomorrow so I'm a little bitter. However, for those of you who work year round, I'm sure you're wanting to punch me right about now for complaining about 4 days! What can I say, you had the opportunity to pick teaching. Some of us are smarter than others.

School has actually been good this week. It's Thursday and I still haven't been mad this week. No kidding, that is a big time miracle! (Especially at this time of the year.)

American Idol~ I enjoyed the finale show. All the guest stars made it fun and seeing the past contestants. Mandeesa still floors me. I wish she had made it farther. As a weight challenged individual I have to give her Kudos for being confident enough to get up there and shake it with the rest of the skinny minnies! I was fine with the results. I enjoy Taylor as long as I close my eyes when he sings. He has a great voice, but when he starts flopping around like a fish out of water, it's almost painful. I know this is what endeared him to many Americans, but it just made me uncomfortable. Luckily you can listen to a CD without having to watch the artist. I felt a little sorry for Katherine though. I think she has a great voice. The judges seemed to be extremely hard on her. It was like no matter what she did, it was wrong. I felt like this started to affect her confidence toward the end of the season. She always looked like she was ready for the bomb to drop on her. Her final song that they wrote for her was horrible, but I think it was a horrible song. I will say this though, Somewhere Over the Rainbow was one of my favorite performance and I thought she outsang Taylor last night. Her performance with Meatloaf was Awesome! He was a little wacked, but she was outstanding! I think she'll be succesful anyway!

Well, tomorrow the munchkins come and I CAN'T WAIT! I am missing them something terrible. Amanda, if you're reading, look for some great kid pics next week! This will probably be it till next Tuesday, so everyone have a great Memorial Day Weekend! Be safe and have fun!

Love to all,

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Who am I?

Who am I? That may seem like a silly question, but it's a very real question after Sunday's sermon. I was really challenged Sunday by Pastor Deneff's sermon. Let me give a little synopsis for those of you who don't attend. The object lesson looked something like this: The Law
The Holy Spirt
Steve talked about how who we ARE impacts what we WANT which influences what we DO so then we GET the consequence or blessing of that. He said as Christians we tend to think from the top down which means that we live according to the Law. We DO things that are wrong and are constantly asking forgiveness. His point is that we need to stop asking for forgiveness and start living from the bottom up. Instead of praying for forgiveness, pray for the Holy Spirit to change who we ARE so that our actions will fall into line with that. This hit me so hard because I have had such a bad attitude lately with school and the kids. I have had thoughts and feelings towards some of them that certainly don't fall into line with who I AM! At least not the person I think I am and who I want to be. I was really challenged to start praying differently that God would change me to have his joy in my heart even here at school. I need to be praying for these children not cursing them in my mind. I was really convicted that the change needs to start with me. It's easy to step back and point fingers at what a horrible job everyone is doing at raising their children, when I probably see their children more in a day than they do. I need to find a way to positively impact their lives. Now, don't get me wrong, I still believe that might include some "tough love", but it should be dealt with a loving attitude. My Sunday School class prayed for me Sunday as I had a little melt down after the service. I just wanted to say that "God answers prayer!" I have had a really good week. I've made peace with one student in particular that I was struggling with and things that normally would have sent me reeling, have been met with a calm. I haven't been upset or angry for two days. That's got to be some type of record! :)

In other news: I have lots of "irons in the fire" as the say so keep praying as I'm searching for a job.

I've also been spending ALOT of time in my yard. I can easily spend a couple of hours a night working it seems. I have pain in places I didn't know existed, but Sue assures me that if I keep at it, I'll get used to it. Manual labor? Not so sure I was cut out for it. Sorry Dad, I know that breaks your heart, but I'm definitly my mother's daughter!

Have a great week!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The True Queen of My House

Since I am single, I should feel like I am the queen of the household, right? I do occasionally think that I'm in charge, but it doesn't take long for Sandy girl to set me straight. For those of you who've never met her, this is my little dog, Sandy. She loves to be outside, but has to find a spot to lay where the sun is hitting her. I looked out and couldn't find her since she is usually on the patio. I started to panic until I looked straight down and there she was in the rocks. This was the only strip of morning sun hitting the house, so I should have known. Sandy is a constant source of joy, amusement, and aggrevation. She comes with some emotional issues that are hard to understand at times. Sue and I found her at my family reunion in southern Ohio. She was tied to a tree, covered in ticks and totally pitiful. What I have learned since that day, is she can put that pitiful look on her face at a moments notice when she wants something. I was totally played that day by a very smart dog. She's a very nervous dog especially when it storms or she thinks I'm leaving. When I'm packing for a trip, it's simply sad. She is a basket case because she knows that I'm leaving. I'm assuming she was left for days in her past life. She also is wary of men, again I say smart dog. Ha! So, her abuser must have been a man. She cannot be caged or she goes baserk. She also flinches alot when you move in to pick her up or if you yell at her she cowers. All of these things tell me that she had a pretty rough life before I found her and she became the Queen. That's really what I should have named her. Sandy sleeps with me in my bed. I know that probably grosses some of you out, but she cannot be deterred. Now, I have a queen size bed which should be plenty of room for the two of us. Right? Wrong! She starts out over on her side with her head of her pillow, but as soon as the light goes out and i have settled in, she moves over in between the pillows right up against me. By morning, I am hanging over the edge because she can't seem to get close enough. If I try to push her back to her side I am met with a low ggrrrrr. So, she sleeps where she wants. She amuses me greatly with her bone. When she and Meka (Sue's dog) lived together, Sandy would hide her bone and steal Meka's to chew on which would bring on some major fights. So, we quit giving the dogs bones. However, now that they live apart, they can have the bones. Meka chews on her bones like she's supposed to. Sandy? She hides hers. She's had the same bone for 2 months. Hasn't chewed on it once. She just trots around the house with it in her mouth looking for new hiding places. It absolutely cracks me up. I never know where I'm going to find the bone. At least I don't have to worry about it being sticky, slobbery and gross. She has never chewed on it so it's like new! Sandy is a great dog though. She lets the kids hold her and pet her and chase her around the house. I never worry that she will bite them. She's usually exhausted when they leave, but she's a good sport. She's also a little spoiled because Grandma Grate feeds her table food when she's here visiting. That's a no, no, but I guess Grandmas get aways with that kind of stuff. She brings me lots of love and joy. I'm thankful that I found her that August day in 1999. She's a great pet and I love her!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

I'm Back!

Kismet and I's traditional banquet picture!

Kelley, Mom, and Andrea at the banquet.

I know it's been awhile. I'm very sorry cousin John. It's been just as frustrating for me as it has been for all of you. Our internet at school has either been down or so slow it won't bring up the blog site for the last week. It has driven me nearly crazy; not that I have far to go. So, how am I typing this blog you might wonder. Am I at Sue's? Nope! I'm at home at 2:00 on a Thursday afternoon. Last weekend I was home for Mother's day and got my first blessing from having Jon Gorenflo as a brother-in-law. The computer he built Andrea while they were dating is now mine! Jon had three others, so they didn't need this one. I was so excited. I really wanted a computer but it was an expense I just couldn't justify at this time. So as the school year is coming to a close, I was wondering, "How am I going to keep up with my blog during the summer?" Now I can! I went and signed up for high-speed internet through my cable company which was installed this very afternoon. Which is why I am here instead of at school. First order of business, was to update the blog. I must stop at this point and properly say a big "Thank YOU" to Andrea and Jon. The computer is awesome. I am especially impressed with the deluxe wireless keyboard and mouse. My fingers feel so nimble flying over these keys. I really like the feel of the keyboard. It's great!

Mom- Had a wonderful time last weekend. I wanted to post that on Monday, but couldn't. I enjoyed my time at home immensely. I enjoyed the special meal you cooked on Sunday very much! It's probably wrong that you spoiled US on YOUR special day, but Thanks anyways! ;)

School-It's going well. I can say that since I'm not there this afternoon! :) I've had a few rough days in the cafeteria, but I just keep telling myself I can survive anything for 8 days. It's only 45 min. of the day. The hard part is not letting that 45 min. ruin the rest of the afternoon.

Holly- You need to update the blog! I want to see Elijah without his front two teeth!

Jason- I'm so excited about your news! I can't wait to talk to you about it! Holly- tell everyone about the news in your blog, I don't know enough details.

John, Kim and Carolyn- I'm praying for you! Get better soon "Aunt" Carolyn! We all need you.

Okay, I'm going to wrap this up and add a few pics taken at the mother-daughter banquet. For those of you who like my hair long, enjoy the pictures, I got it chopped off today on my way home from school. Spontenaity is one of my best qualities! I love it by the way!

Love you all!

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Today has been a day of frustrations!

First, the computers at school which are usually speedy, have ssslllooowwweeeddd way down. I can't connect, I can't get my comments, I can't put on a new post! AAURGH! So, here it is evening and I'm posting at Sue's. I'm the last person on the planet to post my SHOCK over the American Idol travesty! I could literaly feel the shock waves around the globe. The look on Chris's face was priceless. I think someone was expecting to win, what do you think? I don't blame him; I thought he was going to win too. I think I'm officially pulling for Elliott.

Second, I have 2 boys who miraculously have to take an 8-10 min. bathroom "#2" break at the exact same time every day making them 4-6 min. late to my class every day. Today I cracked. With great humor, I explained to them that if they need to take a 10 min. bathroom break at exactly 1:12 EVERYDAY, they'd better see a doctor. If they are so much as 5 seconds late again, they are going to spend the rest of the period in ISS. 13 days and counting....

Third, my mailman can't seem to take the time to actually shut my mailbox ( I live on a major highway!!!) and today with all the wind and rain, my mail was drenched. He may get a nice reminder notice of how to actually close the mailbox tomorrow.

I'm sure there were others, but those were the major frustrations. I hate this weather....

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Flowers and George

I thought I would post some pictures today of all my flowers. This spring has been delightful. It's like a surprise each day to see what else has bloomed while I was at school. The best part is that I didn't have to plant them all! :)

I also had to include the picture of George for my mom. :) I think she likes him because he kind of looks like my dad.

American Idol....I think Katherine's a goner. Elliott could sneak his way right into the finals!

14 days left....

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A League of Their Own!

STOP THE PRESSES! STOP THE PRESSES! The College Wesleyan Women's softball team is back in action and they are HOT! Last night was their season opener against Lakeview Wesleyan. They scored an easy win clinching the game in 5 innings with a score of 21-1. It took a few innings for the bats to get going since most hadn't swung a bat since last season, but in the 3rd inning they cut loose scoring 9 runs. It is a team concensus that this huge victory can mostly be attributed to our "star" short-fielder, Deb Wuertley. She was an "AllSTAR" last night as the pictures clearly show.

First we have Deb swinging for the fence...

She makes it to base safely, although due to an error which hurt the batting average a little, probably scoring a run, but I can't remember for sure!

Wait a minute, what's this? She's sitting on the job? Oh my Goodness! We might have to revoke her "Player of the Game" honors.

Okay, in all seriousness, everybody played great and had a wonderful time getting back together after the winter. We're looking forward to another succesful season.

Sue is our star pitcher, doing a great job as always!

Lynn is our catcher. "How are those legs feeling today?"

Shelli's rounding third and headed for home. (Probably from Deb's earlier hit)

Brooke takes a break on first.

Amanda's going to make a great addition to our team. Look at that form!

Keep reading for future updates!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Writers Block...

I started this post with a serious case of writer's block. I wanted to really write something profound or funny. My mind went everywhere from a recount of my weekend (not that exciting or funny) to my philosophy on life (not that profound not to mention it changes with the weather). So, I decided I needed a little inspiration. As I clicked my way through my pictures file, I ran across the above pictures. What better inspiration could a girl ask for? I seriously look at them and think, "Every girl should have one of those." Now, I know Tim's married, but Kenny...I really think I could make him happy. Renee blew it. I'd gladly give up my job and travel the world. I like the tropics. I really think this could work...

Back to reality....Freezing cold classroom, 20 unmotivated students, 16 days to go.

Okay, I'll give you the weekend update even though it was not that exciting. I helped Sue strip my beautiful Longaberger border off the walls of my old bedroom, paint over my gorgeous blue walls with...brown and move her bedroom furniture. Then we set up her old bedroom with furniture from her grandmother as a spare bedroom. Somewhere in the midst of that nightmare (those of you who know me well, know that physical labor is not my idea of a weekend) I found time to clean my house from top to bottom.(Again, another nightmare) No wonder I'm feeling the need to fantasize!

1st softball game tonight...Look for full report tomorrow!


Friday, May 05, 2006

There is hope!

Aunt Kelley with her favorite girl!
Emmy colors a picture at Aunt Kelley's house!

Yippee! It's Friday! I'm not sure why I'm excited about that. Sue had a full weekend of painting planned for me. I'm a little offended that she feels the need to paint my blue "Longaberger" bedroom. But, I moved out so I guess she's free to change it. After all, it is her house! Speaking of houses, mine needs cleaned. Any volunteers out there?

Last night I stayed to watch our school's production of "Snow White" for which I volunteered to take tickets. It was pretty good. I enjoyed seeing the kids in this different way. One student in particular. This boy wasn't in the play, but he ran the spotlights. He was sent to my room before the play to get a pair of scissors and the look on his face as he approached my door was very sheepish and almost scared to ask me. I mentioned this to my friend, the director, and she replied, "I noticed that when I asked him. He acted as if I had just asked him to walk on hot coals. What's the deal there?" I chuckled, getting some sick pleasure out of knowing that he was scared to come to my door. This is one student who takes great pleasure in tormenting me each day during the 8th grade lunch. He's often obnoxious and always disrespectful when I ask him to quit doing whatever it is he is doing that day. If even for a few minutes, he was regretting those actions as he had to approach me for a favor. I enjoyed that immensely. But, what I enjoyed even more was seeing that he does have a dependable, responsible side. He did a great job running the spots and he was very faithful to come to practice. This is not the student I see each day at 11:00am. That gave me hope. I'm not sure what kind of invisible force field (one which strips their brains of all normal behavior) they walk through each day on their way into the cafeteria, but it's good to know that outside those four walls, they actually can be nice, dependable, respectable, kids.

Grandma Grate Update~ Wed. morning at 1:00am my Aunt Brenda found my grandma laying on the garage floor with a broken leg. The break was up high near the hip, but it was a clean break and they believe she will make a full recovery. She had surgery last night at 7:00pm. Why was grandma in the garage? Nobody knows for sure. She doesn't remember. She's very stubborn and independent. I'd like to be a mouse in the room when they tell her about the 6-8 weeks in a rehab facility. I'm sure that will go over like a lead balloon. Please keep her in your prayers. I know the change will be difficult for her not to mention the pain she's been experiencing. Drugs are great until they wear off. When there's an hour to go before they'll give you more, it's a long hour!

Well, I'm gonna wrap for today! Have a great weekend everybody!

P.S. 17 days and counting....

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Way to Go!

Way to go everybody! Much better! :) I got great delight in reading your comments this morning. First let me respond to each of you.

You are hillarious. I LOL when I saw that you had inflated my comment number. Very creative.

I always enjoy your comments. I was challenged to use my intelligence more. :)

It was good to hear from you. You need to comment more. I have a hard time believing that YOU don't have anything to say! :)

All I can say is: Get a NEW JOB! I think you seriously need to pursue the realestate thing!

It was great to hear from you! I was glad to hear about the positive progress. I will keep her in my prayers. I will try to post more pictures! :)

Thanks for the positive comments. Glad I can make you LOL. Keep praying for my financial self-control. I need it!

Now, on to new things!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Today is my parents 37th anniversary! I am so proud and thankful for that heritage! It's certainly no easy feat, but their love for each other is as obvious today as it was all my growing up years. The picture of them dancing at Andrea's wedding says it all!

Requested pictures of the kids are also included. I would include pictures every day even when the post has nothing to do with them, but I fear that people get sick of seeing them. :) The ones of Emmy are of her getting her hair done the day of the wedding. She talked like a magpie the whole time we were there. The girls at the shop were VERY entertained! She was definitly in princess mode especially when they added the glitter. :) I love the one of the boys laying on the floor watching TV. Zeke likes to do everything that big brother Lilige (that's code for Elijah) does.
I'm looking forward to summer when I can spend more time with the kids.

Idol...I don't know what I think about last night's episode. I didn't think anyone was terrible, but no one stole my heart either. This is a weird season for me. Every year there is at least one or two who really resonate with me. I'm usually voting, but this year, no one has done it for me. I like all of the remaining contestants. I think Chris and Katherine will be finalist, but I'm not compelled to pick up the phone and vote. weird.

Well, I probably should do something this morning related to my job. :) Look for more frequent posts now that life is slowing down.


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Step it Up!

Okay people, If I can take the time to blog, you can take 30 sec. to comment! I know you're out there, reading, sneaking in and out of the page silently. It's so disappointing to check for comments and always see the same number. I know that sometimes there's not much to say depending on what I wrote, but even a "Hey, I was here" would be nice. It would give me something to read. I check Holly's blog every day and she has tons of comments. She and her friends are all having these fun little banters back and forth. I'm so envious! I'll back off now, but please say Hi when you visit!

New? Nothing! My last class starts May 15th so I have a little breather. I received an A for my year long internship grade. That was exciting. To be honest, I find myself almost bored. I have all my grading caught up, lesson plans written for the rest of the year. I don't know what to do with myself when there's extra time in the day. Like today. Our lesson on birds didn't take the whole period and the students had a light assignment to complete, but I have nothing to do. Usually I am using this time to get some project done or do my journal, but now, there's nothing to do! So, I'm blogging. I can't believe I'm complaining about being bored. It just makes the days drag by when you're not busy. Wish I was bored when I'm at home and need to be cleaning. Unfortunately, I don't feel that way then...

Softball starts next Monday. I'm looking forward to that. You'll probably be hearing alot about our team, I don't want Deb to quit or anything. She's our star short fielder.

Money? I still don't have any! If I don't find a principal's job, I'm not sure I'm going to make it Credit Card free for another year. So, far I have held on to the wagon for deal life, but it's getting harder. I spent half my savings on a push mower, hose, gas can, etc. The outside of my house is going to require alot of things that I dont' have. It killed me to part with the money, but it had to be done. At least I paid cash! ;)

Well, it's time for me to take my bored body over to the ISS room. My favorite part of the day! Yippee!

Have a good one!