Sunday, January 18, 2009

Long time coming...

Hi everybody! I know this has been a long time coming! I have thought about writing several times in the last three months, but that is as far as I've gotten...thinking. I'm not sure why. I keep thinking, "I really should update" but then I think, "Why? Does anyone even read it anymore?" I know my mom reads and my cousin Carolyn, but everyone else seems to have moved on from blogland. Facebook seems to be the new craze. I wonder what will be next? I do hear occassionally from people, "Are you ever going to update?" and I must admit my first though is, "Do you read?" No one ever comments so I guess I am under the wrong impression that noone reads. So, for all you readers, here ya go! The fall was a fabulously busy time. I love fall because there is one event after another. Thanksgiving was a blast with the whole fam being home this year. The next weekend was mom and dad's big Christmas open house. Andrea and I both go home and help mom and dad with this event. It's exhausting but alot of fun. This year they were even on the Christmas Parade of Homes. Andrea and I got to go on the tour and we agreed unanimously that mom and dad won, hands down! The other homes were slightly decorated for Christmas and then you reached Pole Lane Rd. and thought you had arrived at the North Pole. No kidding! So, that was a lot of fun. Then on the 20th, I headed back to Ohio for a week of Christmases! Again, we had a great time. J and Holly and kids were with us the first part of the break. Christmas Day was a little different for me this year. Andrea and Jon were at Jon's parents on Christmas morning, so this was my very first Christmas in 37 years to not have Christmas on Christmas morning. Andrea and I have always jumped on my parents bed to get them up and this year they jumped on mine. They tried to keep me from being depressed. Might have worked if we hadn't gone to see Marley and Me in the afternoon. Not the movie to see when you're fighting depression. :) But, Christmas evening was great. We put on our pajamas and pretended it was Christmas morning. I came back and spent the 2nd week of my break here in Indiana. I always enjoy that week to relax before heading into the 2nd half of the school year. This time of year is always a little hard. It's a long time until the next break and the weather is bleak. I guess the biggest thing on my mind from now until May is my "Mini" marathon training. I've been diligent in my training and things are going well, but there is a long way to go before I'm ready to do 13.1 miles. If you think of it, whisper a prayer for me on Saturdays. These are the days of my endurance walks. The last two Sat. have been 3 miles. Next week I go 4. It will be a challenge. Sue had to talk me through the last 5 laps yesterday. I was in pain and the tears were close to flowing. She told me to go to my happy place to which I replied, " I don't have a happy place...I"m not happy." Everything she mentioned, I shot down, till she hit on my time with my niece and nephews. That brought a smile to my face and I finished strong. Well, that's pretty much wraps up the last few months. I hope everyone is keeping warm and I'll try to be more faithful. Enjoy the pics from Christmas!
Nothing like seeing Kenzie throw back her head in a laugh. She is so darn cute!Dad and his girls, snuggling in for "Miracle on 34th Street" on Christmas night.

The whole Grate clan!

My biggest blessings by far. I love these kids so much!