Thursday, March 23, 2006

Pressure to be Funny

I am really at a loss today. I want to post. I really do! It's been awhile, but I feel this pressure to either write something profound, or funny. I'm not really feeling either today. My cousin John is now blogging and he is hillarious. I feel certain that I cannot compete. I keep thinking, "what can I write about that's funny and random?" But nothing comes to mind. I feel when I write serious stuff, it's a downer. Nobody comments so I think, "Well, that didn't go over well." The pressure is really getting to me. Well, I think I'll just start rambling about all the things going through my head and we'll see what comes out. (could be scary)

I started to blog Wed. about music and lost it when I was almost done. I now work in Russia like Sue so my computer went bazerk and said something about putting my documents in quarentine. So, that was bad. I have been really touched by alot of songs lately. I love Jesus Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood. It's had personal meaning for me this year with all the things I've had going on. I've had to turn the wheel over more than once. If I'd quit taking it back the ride would probably go much more smoothly. It's funny how we can't seem to learn that lesson. I also love Believe by Brooks and Dunn. One that has been on my mind alot today is When I get to Where I'm going by Brad Paisley and Dolly Parton. I love the part that talks about seeing his grandpa when he gets to Heaven. I've been thinking about my Grandpa Grate alot this week. Sue's Grandma passed away this week and it's really made me miss him. Last weekend I was at home to get fitted for my bridesmaids dress (there's a story waiting to be told) and we went to visit my Grandma. She sure is aging quickly. It makes me sad. But while we were there I just kept looking at Andrea who was sitting in "Grandpa's" chair. I just kept thinking how happy Grandma will be when she finally gets to where she's going. She'll be back with Grandpa where she belongs. I don't think she's been the same since he left us. Okay, I know that was a downer. Sorry.

I'm excited for next week. It's finally SPRING BREAK!! I'm a little depressed because it's the first spring break in a while that I'm going to be staying home. Being poor stinks! I'm hoping the weather is nice so I can work in the yard. I could build a house with all the limbs in my yard. I need to do some collecting and burning. Ahh.. Homeownership! Isn't is great? I am excited however that at the end of the week, I'll be hosting a shower for Andrea. I couldn't do that from some tropical paradise, so I guess it's worth staying home. :)

Well, I'm running out of steam. I have more thoughts, but they'll have to wait. Look for future blogs about dress fittings, colon cleanses, diets and how they all tie together! :)

Prayer Request: I have to sing Sunday and once again I am fighting a cold. I am going to go ahead with it so please pray. I'm stressed about singing on a good day, add in a sinus infection and I'll be a basket case.

Love you all!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Rude, Disrespectful People

Why are people so rude and disrespectful? This is a question I've asked myself alot lately.

First there's people who live in sunny places who think they need to make snide comments to those of us braving winter here in the mid-west. What's up with that? I mean, do I try to make people living in warm climates feel bad when we have a beautiful snowfall? NO! I know this person was raised to be sensitive and caring. What has turned his heart so cold? Maybe it's that cruel business world he lives in. Taking people's homes away was bound to catch up to him sooner or later!

Then there's my teaching partner Chad. He can be very rude when he doesn't get his way. Much like the 12 year olds we teach. Can I help it that he has had to cover many things for me this year because of my internship? Can I help it that I have a student teacher now in the afternoons while he has to teach? No! He wants to take cheap shot statements like..."It's all about you this year!" I have done nothing to deserve this treatment except be there with a listening ear whenever it was needed. He should be ashamed.

Seriously...I have recently been told about a chatroom comprised on Indiana Wesleyan Students discussing issues. I got on to look around. I was so shocked and disappointed in the comments I was reading. The most upsetting to me was the ongoing debate about chapel attendance. My friend, Lynn Munday is the assistant to the chaplain so part of her job is to "Police" chapel. The comments written on this site about her were really terrible. She was called names such as Chapel Nazi, MegaBeast, Alien, etc. These students are so incredibly rude and disrespectful. I don't know about now, but when I attended, I was aware that I had chosen a Christian University and that chapel attendance was required. If you hate church, why would you go to a private, extremely expensive,Christian college? This baffles me. A cheap state school where you can party till your heart's content is right down the road. I remember being frustrated when I was in college about some of the rules, but I chose to go there knowing what they were. I was also taught to show respect for people in authority. Where has this novel idea gone? I see it in the kids in my classroom. Many think they will tell me what they are going to do. It really is alarming. It thought that it was just a stage and that as they age and mature, they will come around, but after reading the writings of these college students, I'm not so sure. I'm not sure what the answer is, any thoughts?

Monday, March 13, 2006

I'm so sorry!!

Brooke Amstutz
Liz Howerth
It's not like I don't work for a living!! Give me a break. :) Just kidding. Life has been busy. Okay, here we go!

Wildcat Update...The first game at Nationals was fantastic. The wildcats played like the team from early in the season winning easily 81-53. Liz had a great game breaking the IWU all-time scoring record. This surpassed our favorite record holder Deb Porter Wuertley. (Sorry Deb) This advanced the wildcats to the second round to be played on Friday night against Northwestern of Iowa. Unfortunately, we were not victorious Friday night. We lost by 3 in a great game that some say was Championship material. Northwestern had also been ranked #1 in the nation during the season so you had a match-up between 2 great teams. The wildcats traveled home on Sat. I'd like to say thanks to the Kats for another terrific season. You were a joy to watch. Sue- you'll have to pass that along since you're the only Kat reading my blog! :)

Weekend Update...Yes, I am still alive. I had Elijah (7) Emmy (5) and Zeke (2) by myself for the weekend along with 2 dogs. I was totally on my own since Sue was in Iowa. YIKES! I'm a little tired today, but have no battle scars. :-) The kids were great. They gave me lots of laughs. Zeke is into EVERYTHING, but he is such a little lover. He loves to cuddle and give hugs. Aunt Kelley can't get enough! Emmy is our little Diva who took every opportunity to remind me that she's a big girl now because she's 5! Elijah, he's too smart for his own good. A big Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Grate who made a quick day trip over on Sunday to see the little munchkins and give Aunt Kelley a little help. We had a great day as it was BEAUTIFUL AND WARM!! The kids got to play outside most of the day which was wonderful.

Life Update...Things are going fine. School is progressing quickly, which is a GOOD thing. Money... Well, let's just say that I threw a little temper tantrum in Wal-mart the other day because I couldn't buy what I wanted, but I'm sure I'm going to be a better person in the end. Jobs...Nothing within driving distance has been posted yet, but I'm still hopeful. So, there you have it! I hope that soothes some ruffled feathers today.