Saturday, April 10, 2010

What happened to 6,7,8,9?

Wow! I was astounded to see that I hadn't written since mile 5! That was a long time ago! Since that time, I have been to Florida for spring break where the weather was crappy and the wind made the walking difficult. I got off for a few weeks, but I'm back on track.

Last week I did 8 miles. It was rough. I did good until mile 6, but after that was a real struggle. I did finish and in decent time, but it was not very encouraging to me. I feel miles behind where I was at this time last year. I realized that last year I wasn't just walking, but also working out at the gym. I was doing the elipcial and training with Ryan. I can really tell that my overall stamina is not what it was. So, that has me a little worried. I stressed all week long as I did my walks about doing 9 miles today. I was especially concerned because Sue wasn't going to be doing the whole walk with me. She drew the line at 8 so I was going to do the first 4.5 by myself and then she would join me for the last half. So, this morning at 9:30 I set off on my course. I actually did pretty well. It was easier today doing nine that it was doing 8 last week. Sue met me right on time with a cold bottle of water which was wonderful and I made it with no problems.

Overall, I'm having mixed feelings about the marathon. It's getting close. Next week is 10 miles and that's the most I'll walk. I think I will struggle more this year than I did last. Knowing how hard it is going to be, is not working in my favor at this point. I'm not sure who I'll be walking with. I have options so I won't be alone, but I sure wish my sister could walk with me. I'm going to miss her for sure.