Tuesday, February 27, 2007


We are the Champions, my friend. We'll keep on fighting to the end. We are the champions, We are the Champions...sing it with me now! Last night we wrapped up the MCC tournament championship with a 58-49 victory over St. Francis. It was a tight game with a lot of drama, but we pulled it out in the end. The girls are now
33-0 and will head to the National Tournament with the #1 seed next week. This was a game of mixed feelings. I was so happy and excited and yet sad to realize this was the last game our seniors would play at home. I've included some shots from the game. These were taken by the Chronicle Tribune before any of you get too impressed with my photography skills. Way to go Wildcats!!!

Sarah McGill- Senior

Senior Steph Culp fights for the ball.

The bench cheers good play.

Senior Liz Howerth hugs good friend, Junior Brooke Amstutz.

Team photo after the game.
MCC Conference Champions!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Perfection: 30-0

Perfection! Perfection? I guess it depends on how you look at it. The Lady Wildcats ended their regular season Saturday with a perfect 30-0 record. This is a first in school history. They ended the season ranked #1 in the nation which is where they've been most of the season. Was it perfect? Probably not. They had their "losses" by way of games that were not played up to par, but at the end of the day, every game went in the win column so I deem it "perfection." Being best friends with the assistant coach allows me more of an inside view than what most witness at games. I know that they have had their hard times as a team. I know that the pressure to win every game starts to take it's toll on you emotionally. But the Lady Kats handled it with grace and with style. There is no team classier than this one. These young ladies are top notch which makes this success all the sweeter.

Saturday was a hard-fought win over county rival, Taylor University. IWU was not itself for the first 30 min. of the game, but remained within striking distance. With 10 min. to go, the tide changed and IWU took it's first lead. From there, it was back and forth making it a very exciting game for the crowd. I was screaming like a lunatic, and I'm sure the parent in front of me regretted his seat choice.

Saturday was also special because it was Senior Day. This is a hard year to see come to an end because we were blessed with 5 amazing Seniors. I have watched these 5 girls play for 4 years and it has been so much fun. They are great girls, with big hearts. They exemplify everything IWU is looking for in a student athlete. They love the Lord, they are outstanding students, and they are certainly gifted in their athletic abilities. The upcoming girls certainly have big shoes to fill.
Coach Jackson with the 5 seniors: Steph, Liz, Sarah,
Kat, and Katie.

So, What's next? The conference tournament begins Tuesday night at 7:00. IWU will have home court advantage through the tournament. After the tournament wraps up next Monday(hopefully with us winning it), the Lady Kats will prepare for their 5th trip to Sioux City, Iowa for the National tournament. Could this be the year for a National Championship? I definitly think it's possible. But, we'll take it one game at a time as Sue reminds me. Don't look ahead. Focus only on the next game. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how far this magical season will go.
All 3 coaches with the 5 seniors as well as the two
senior managers, Brent and Brad.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Day 3

Well, here we are on Day 3 of our "blizzard" vacation. My drive finally got plowed yesterday and I thought the drifts completely around it were so cool. It feels like a fort when you drive into it.
I went out early this morning to put a check in the mail to my favorite Plow guy and had to snap a few more pictures. The sun was just coming up over the trees and my backyard looked so beautiful. The trees were all white and sparkly. The pictures really don't do it justice, but I took them anyways.

These are my pretty valentine flowers from my mom and dad. The florist delivered them in the middle of the blizzard on Tuesday. I met her half way out the drive since she couldn't even turn in my drive. They are so beautiful and really brightened up my kitchen. Thanks Mom and Dad!
Well, it will be back to normal schedule tomorrow. We have a PBA day without students. The consultants flew in from Texas and are already here, so there is no way it's getting canceled or delayed. Darn!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Day!

Well, we finally got the big one! Marion's in the heavy band expecting snowfalls between 12-16 inches of snow. I LOVE IT! I love to have at least one BIG snow each year and this definitly qualifies. I went to Wal-mart yesterday to stock up (as did the other 30,000) people who live in Marion. I have never seen the shelves bear. It was insane. I stood in line for over 30 min. waiting to check out. I'm expecting this to keep me home again tomorrow! :)

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Superbowl XLI belongs to the Indianapolis Colts!!!

We had a big Sunday School party like usual...except it wasn't the usual. We all watched the Superbowl!!

The cheering was loud and we ended the night proud!!!

The Prince halftime show wasn't as bad as we all thought it would be. I had to confess to being a Prince fan when I was in high school, so I kind of enjoyed it.

Coach Dungy with just seconds to go in the game.

MVP- Peyton Manning...Love that guy!

My Colts
cookie...Yes, I made it.

Anon outdid me with football cookies, blue popcorn, football helmet jello, and Colts pretzels.
Lynn outdid herself with this Colts cake!
Watching the game!

This was an awesome superbowl! The party was a blast (Thanks Don and Shelli) and I got a call from my principal during the 4th quarter announcing a 2 hr. delay for Monday morning. Doesn't get any better than this!

Go Colts!!!!!!

Saturday, February 03, 2007


That's what my mom got in therapy yesterday!!! She is doing so much better. Her mobility is increasing and she finally sounds like herself. I'm proud of you, Mom! Keep it up!!!

Love you,