Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy New Year and Other Business...

I was just looking at the calendar and realized that I hadn't posted in almost a month. That's terrible! I have gotten so lax in my blogging. Maybe it's the winter blues? Well, the month of January has been a big one for me. Lots of activities and changes. First let me say a belated "Happy New Year!" I spent the evening alone scrapbooking. It was actually enjoyable. I bought myself a bottle of sparkling grape juice, scrapbooked and watched all the Christmas Movies I didn't get to see over the holidays. It was a fabulous night.

On New Year's Day I worked around the house, taking down Christmas and watching a marathon of an old Biggest Loser season. I have never watched that show, but I must say I was inspired that day and a plan was hatched. This season, the show is focused on couples or partners. For those of you not watching, they have teams of married people, best friends, mothers and daughters, etc. So, I got to thinking that maybe a challenge like that might motivate me. I talked with Sue, Lynn and Missy to see if they would be interested in a little weight loss challenge. They were and the Biggest Loser, Marion was born. Missy's sister and her husband have also joined our challenge so we have 3 teams competing. Each team contributed $50 for prize money to be awarded to the couple with the highest percentage lost in the end. The weight is combined between partners and we do it as a team. I've never had my cheating, I mean dieting directly impact someone else's success before. It has been quite the motivator. For those of you who know Sue, you know that she's a little on the competitive side, so losing is not an option. Monday will be our 3rd weigh-in. In two weeks I lost 7lbs. and I'm anxious to see what the scales say this week. I have not really cheated at all and I've exercised almost every day. I take Sunday's off, but try to get 5-6 days in each week. At this point, I feel great, still motivated and I'm loving the connection with friends who are having the same struggles I am. Each week as we gather to watch the show and give our weekly updates, it motivates me for another week. I have a vision of 4 sun goddesses lounging by Sue's pool this summer. I hope there aren't any accidents on St Rd 9 as drivers do a double take. :)

The month of January has been a rough one for me in the area of sports. One week in particular. On January 7th, my Buckeyes lost the National Championship (again). On Sat. of that week the IWU women experienced their first loss in 57 games. They had won 56 straight games. UNBELIEVABLE! We have been so proud of them. On Sunday, the Colt's lost in the playoffs, ending our hopes of a Superbowl repeat. I was one depressed cookie! But, as they say, "There's always next year!"

On the 19th, we all headed for Michigan to celebrate Zeke's 4th birthday! I can't believe he's 4!! Where does the time go? He is such a funny little guy. I just love him to pieces. The trip there for me was a little stressful. I drove into a blizzard about 30 miles from Grand Rapids and had a little melt down. The stress of hypnotic, twilight zone, style snow blinding me, no visible lane markers, some idiots doing 80 while others are crawling at 20 was just a little overwhelming. Jason called to see where I was and if I was okay, only to catch me crying. He offered to come get me, but I said no. I could do it. I would just go slow. Well, I made it safe and sound, but headed for home right after the party on Sat. to avoid the second wave expected to hit that evening. It was well worth the trip though. The kids were so fun and it was great to spend even a few hours with them. Below are some pictures of our birthday boy! Enjoy!