Friday, October 31, 2008

Pictures of Volleyball game

The Wining Team!
Jeff, Kelley and Delayna after 1st match!

We are victorious!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I Go Back...

For those who don't know, I Go Back is the title of a Kenny Chesney song. It talks about all the things that trigger those memories that take us back to the "Good Ole Days". (my words, not Kenny's) Anyways, I picked that title because tonight I went back...

Did I ever tell you about the time I scored 8 straight points to win the game against Taft middle school?... Those who know me really well are laughing out loud right now. I tend to live my entire athletic life through this one very monumental moment. I was not what you might call...athletic, but I did play one year of volleyball in the 8th grade. I wasn't a starter, but I had a few shining moments. One such moment was the game against Taft where we were down 7 points and I served 8 straight points to win the game. Why she didn't play me in the next game was a mystery because I was obviously our secret weapon. Well, tonight I got to go back...

About a week ago the 7th grade volleyball coach asked several of us teachers if we would be willing to play a little tournament against her team after school. The season is over and they wanted to do something fun. I must admit this struck fear in my heart. I wanted to play, but I didn't want to look stupid in front of my coworkers, the 7th grade players, but most importantly the slew of kids who thought it would be great fun to come watch their teachers humiliate themselves. But due mostly to peer pressure I agreed to play. I was a nervous wreck. We made team shirts, and even decked ourselves out on game day just like the real players do when they have a match that day. I wasn't sure I could do this. Well, as we were warming up for the game, I was starting to gain some confidence. I was getting my serves over, I was bumping and setting well. So, I started to get excited. Would you believe that my team of teachers (there were 2) won the tournament? We beat both groups of girls and I played very well for a person who hasn't played real volleyball in 24 years. The crowning moment though was when I scored 5 straight points to bring us from behind to 1 point ahead. We went on to win the set. I could have been 13 again! It was so much fun!!! I was actually a little proud of myself.

Now if only I could find a show choir to join...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Aunt Kelley with her 3 kiddos! Love those cheesy grins!

3 Little Monkey's sitting in a tree!

Ezekiel Scott

Emmy Rae

Elijah Monroe

Miss Makenzie

Cousins- Andrea, Georgene, Kelley, Bev, Kim
Kenzie and Kelley
Kenzie in her dedication gown...what a smile!
Our little Amish girl!

Boy...has it really been since August that I last posted? I can't believe that. It doesn't feel that long. Time sure flies...if I had a nickle for every time I heard that. :)

Things have been busy. I was at home a couple weeks ago for a family reunion and Makenzie's dedication. It was a wonderful weekend. Last weekend, I had Elijah, Emmy and Zeke while J and Holly were out east at Holly's cousin's wedding. The weekend with the kids was great. They were entertaining as always. They were easy to take care of as they spent most of the weekend in my tree. :) All 3 kids were great...I don't want to sound like I favor one of them, but Ezekiel sure knows how to make a girl feel loved. He is just the sweetest thing. I was on overload with all the hugs, kisses and "Kelley, I love you's". I could keep him permanently. I can hear the hearts breaking already. He was also full of quirky questions such as: "Hey...What would you do if I lived in a doorknob?" or "Hey...How long till I'm 40?" I mean really, these were just random, out of nowhere questions. I loved it. He asked Sue how long it had been since she was a baby and when she replied, "About 40 years ago" he replied, "OH MAN...YOU"VE GOTTA BE KIDDIN ME!" We all collapsed in laughter. BTW- His question about being 40 was the day before he asked Sue her question so the two were not related.

School is good! Still having a great year. I keep waiting for that shoe to fall, but so good.

Andrea and Kenzie come this weekend to visit friends at IWU and Aunt Kelley. I'm so excited. Can't get enough of that little girl!

Hope everyone is doing well...Love to you all!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Patience and Change...two of my favorite things.

Well, I just thought I'd write a quick update to let everyone that I'm off to a fabulous start at school. I was of course disappointed to have not found a principal's position this summer so starting school wasn't exactly something I was looking forward to. BUT, I have had one of the best starts in years. The kids have been great! I have the same students as last year since I moved to 7th grade. This wasn't something I was really looking forward to either, but they have been really attentive and are participating at a level I am not used to seeing out of them. I'm actually taking them a treat tomorrow to celebrate what a great 1st week we had together. :)

Church today was incredible. I don't know what else to say. I was so blessed from start to finish. The music style at my church doesn't really match what I would normally enjoy, but today was the exception. A quartet within our church started the service with one of my favorite southern gospel songs "He Made a Change" they then led our worship time, singing one of my old favorite hymns, "Haven of Rest" as part of the set. I couldn't even sing for the tears running down my face. It has been so long since I've sang one of those "old, country" hymns. It truely blessed me. Then Pastor DeNeff preached on patience. Not just patience with people, but patience while waiting on God. His time is definitly not mine and this is such an issue for me. There are so many things in my life that I don't understand God's timing on. This was a sermon that pierced my heart. The pastor went on to say that sometimes the things we desire are not bad things, but because of our lack of patience, we go about getting them the wrong way, or even substituting things that aren't good in place of when God doesn't answer in the time we think he should. I was so convicted. I feel God changing me... I've been thinking about all the things I desire...a husband, a principal's job, a new furnace, new windows, a flat screen TV, the list goes on and on. I've been thinking about my singleness. I don't like it, but I have so many oportunities to help and serve, but don't because I've become selfish with my time. Some opportunities to serve have come up lately so I think I'm going to take advantage. I want to spend my time thinking about others instead of all the things I want. I'm giving up the "vice" and time waster of soap operas ( I know some of you can't believe I watch, but I'm addicted to General Hospital) to spend more time being active. I know I'm rambling, but these all tie together in my mind. I feel myself changing. God is changing me. Could be that perfect timing of His and I'm just starting to get it.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Where Have I been?

Well, it's been a busy month. I have posted several small posts below with pictures of what I've been doing over the last month. They aren't in exact order, but close enough. This is my last week of summer school and then I will have one week before school starts on the 18th. I can't believe it's here already. It's been a good summer...just went to fast.


Miss Makenzie

Can you say precious? Oh my word! Miss Makenzie gets more beautiful each day. These are her 3 month pictures and this is only a few. She is the most smiley child I've ever seen. Andrea and Makenzie are coming this weekend to stay...Aunt Kelley is giddy with anticipation.

Sue's New House!

Last week, my dad came and put new siding on Sue's house. The transformation is amazing. It's like a brand new house. Sue and I had a good time working with my dad. He's quite the guy. I always knew he was the best contractor around, but after watching him in action, now there is no question.

4th of July

4th of July was a blast. On the 3rd, I went to see the fireworks in Fairmount with many from my Sunday School class. Then on the 4th, Sue and I hosted a cookout/swim party at Sue's.

Emmy Rae

Emmy also spent 5 days with me. She got to swim with a new friend,Shelby and they had a ball! They even had matching swimsuits.

Elijah and Zeke

Zeke and Elijah spent 5 days with me in July. We had a ball swimming every day!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So...What's New?

It's been a while since I posted last. So, what's new? Well, it's been a busy month. I have been applying for principal's positions. I have an interview tomorrow...please pray. I've spent some time in the pool, I've taken a week's vacation to Florida with friends, I've played church league softball, and I've worked in my yard on my landscaping. That pretty much sums up my last month. It's been relaxed and wonderful. It's during the summer months that I fall in love with education all over again! :)

Navarre Beach, Florida

This is Sue and I on the balcony off her bedroom. The view was incredible. On our last morning, I stood out here and watched dolphins swimming right up close to shore. The view out my bedroom, was of the sound and the causeway which was nice, but not as nice as this.

On Friday morning, I woke up around 5:15am. Of course everyone else was still asleep, so I quietly got dressed and headed out to the beach to watch the sunrise. The picture above it what I saw when I faced the west...the picture below is what I saw when I faced the east. Pretty amazing.
This picture was taken on the Destin Beach. The sand is like powdered sugar.

Landscaping pics

I have really enjoyed working on my flower gardens. It truely has become one of my favorite things. I got hooked on HGTV in Florida. I don't get that channel on my cable, and now I'm fighting the urge to upgrade. So many good ideas! The hill out front is in baby stages, but within the next two years, it should be amazing to see how it grows and changes. Just adding the mulch brought alot of curb appeal to the house. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my house and property?
So...what's to come? Well, much of the same. (minus the vacation) But, add in some quality time with my kids. I'm heading to Andrea's next week to get some quality time with Makenzie while Andrea has surgery. (Gall Bladder on Monday the 30th. Keep her in your prayers.) Then after the 4th I'll be arranging to get my Michigan Munchkins for their special weeks with Aunt Kelley. And, I plan to have a rummage sale in there somewhere as well.
Summer will be gone before I know it, but I'm enjoying every day.