Monday, May 19, 2008

Let it be Spring! (and other things)

Hello Spring Lovers! Although the weather has not been exactly ideal, I'm still enjoying all the signs of spring. This little fellow was snuggled in the bush in front of my house. Originally he was behind the bush with his head hidden. I watched him, prodded him with a stick and determined he was dead. I could not see even a hint of a breath. So, I went to get my garden gloves thinking I was gonna have to remove this dead baby rabbit. When I returned, he had moved to the other side of the bush and was very much alive. So cute. He just sat there very still while I photographed him. Next time I checked, he had run for the hills.These are tulips I cut from my yard. They are on a side of my house that I don't get to enjoy unless I purposefully go there to view the flowers, so I decided to cut them and bring them inside. So beautiful!

Makenzie meets Great Grandma and Grandpa Walsh

Mother's day weekend, Andrea was able to take Makenzie to meet her Great Grandparents. These are my mother's parents. They both loved her to pieces.
4 Generations

Random pics of Makenzie

Grandpa Grate is a baby hog!
Makenzie likes her little bouncy seat. She was wide awake and
almost smiling at her crazy Aunt Kelley.

Mother/Daughter Banquet 2008

Best Friends Nicole and Andrea with their babies. Nicole's little one had been eating something blue...she's not wearing black lipstick. :)
Andrea and Makenzie with Jon's mom and Grandma.

Makenzie meets Great Grandma Grate

Sunday we all met at Grandma Grate's for a special Mother's Day meal. Grandma who is going to be 90 in 8 days, thought Makenzie was a pretty special treat.
Makenzie and Aunt Kelley
4 Generations

Trip to Cincinnati

Sue and I enjoyed a trip to Cincinnati last Friday night. The Reds played the Indians for a nice inner-state rivalry. It was a good game with the Reds winning 4-3!
So, there you are...all caught up! So, where am I personally? Well, no news about a job which I desperately need for next year. Because of cuts within our system and my licensing I will have to move to 7th grade next year. I love the people on that team, so that's no problem...having this same group of kids a problem. It's been a challenging year and I'm happy to see it coming to a close. The thought of picking up where I left off in a few months, is quite depressing.
My diet is...stalled. I need prayer in the worst way. It is truely a battle, both physically and spiritually for me.
Next weekend is Memorial Day and all the fam is coming to Indiana! I can't wait. All my munchkins together! This will be a special year with our new little Makenzie joining the fun. No doubt, I'll have lots more pics to post next week.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

2 Weeks Old

Okay, I didn't want to become one dimensional in my blogging, but since people are asking... Last weekend Makenzie was 2 weeks old. I am on a two week plan. With Mother's Day and Memorial Day, I will see you her every two weeks. Gotta love that! She's a real sweetie! Enjoy!