Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Diet Update

I decided that it was time to update my diet journey. As of this morning, I have lost 14lbs. This was weigh in number 7 which means, I've averaged 2lbs. a week and that is exactly my goal. I set down this morning and in my journal that I'm keeping, I charted out my "small" goals throughout this next year. Breaking it into 20 and 30 lb chunks sure seems alot more manageable than 125lbs. which is my ultimate goal. I'm excited to see where I can potentially be at each milestone such as Spring Break, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and then ending with next Spring Break.

I have re-joined Curves and am loving it! It is the perfect workout for me at this point in my journey. I can do it, and I feel great after I do it! I definitly know that I've exercised, but I'm not so miserable that I come away hating exercise, which has been a problem in the past. As I lose, I may want to add more, but for now, it's perfect.

Most importantly, I'm feeling great. My clothes are getting loose and people are starting to notice, which always makes you feel good. As always, I appreciate any prayers you can send up on my behalf. It is definitly a spiritual battle. I know Satan is hitting me full force when I start thinking things like, "I'll never make it." "What's the point?" "Who cares, just eat it." Etc. But, God has really been with me and I've been able to fight through those moments for the most part. I've had bad days and I've shed a few tears, but I've always gone right back to my plan, which is success in itself.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Snow Fun!!!

Last weekend I got to have my 3 kiddos for an extended weekend! The storm of the century was supposed to come in Thursday night so I was just sure that we would be cancelled on Friday. Sadly, this was the storm with more bark than bite as the weather man put it. I had to use a personal day and the kids had to play in a dusting of icy snow. But they enjoyed it just the same. Elijah wasn't so nice to Emmy. Having her face shoved into the icy snow, didn't sit well with her. Her sad pitiful face was too cute not to take a picture of.

Zeke had a ball! He's one tough little guy! Elijah couldn't upset him. He was all smiles in his new Cars coat and matching snow pants!

Awe...Hot chocolate to warm us up! Yum!

What a ham!