Friday, February 04, 2011


I don't really have a deep, thought provoking post for this week. I had a REALLY tough week involving 3 snow days and 1 2hr delay. I have totally taken advantage of the break and renewed my mind and body with lazy activities. I did manage to clean my house and get ready for my sister's visit this weekend, but mostly I watched TV/movies, read books, took get the picture.

This weekend I plan to totally enjoy a visit from my sister, Andrea, Kenzie and Addison. Very little brings me more joy than time with my family especially the nieces and nephews. On Sat. we will go support Sue at her last regular season game and then Sunday I'll hang out with the SS crew at a Super Bowl party. Should be a fun weekend!

Upcoming thoughts...Soul Shift #2 "Slave to Child"

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