Friday, April 08, 2011

What's Up?

Well Holy Cow! How did I get a month down the road already? Life has been super busy, but super AWESOME!

The third week of March found me in Virginia on spring break. I had a wonderful 4 days with my brother and his family. We did a lot of sight-seeing, shopping, and laying around. It was good to be with family. Poor Zeke was sick while I was there so he was home from school everyday and not his usual rambunctious self. The night he fell asleep on the couch laying with Aunt Kelley was my favorite. I hardly get to enjoy those times as it's rare to get him that still. Emmy was a jewelry diva like her aunt Kelley enjoying the box of "contraband" I brought her. I am only wearing my Premier jewelry now, so she inherited much of my old collection. Every morning I had to help her decide which earrings to wear to school and what matched her outfit the best...we truly are kindred spirits. Elijah is just amazing. He's growing into such a nice young man. He has such a soft heart and just the funniest sense of humor. I'm always amazed at his quick witted retorts that seem to roll off the tongue effortlessly. Of course, I enjoyed time and good conversation with Jason and Holly as well. They are lucky to live in a place so rich with history, right up both their alleys.

When I returned from break, it was time for that Premier Training Show I had been so anxiously waiting for! Seemed like it would never arrive, but it did and it went GREAT! I had several friends come out and support the kick-off of my new business. It has been non-stop action since then. I have done 3 shows on my own with another booked for tomorrow, and the response has been wonderful. Sales have been awesome, but what I was most concerned about was bookings for future shows and that has definitely NOT been a problem. I currently have 24 shows booked over the next few months. I am busy and crazy, but loving it!

All of this however puts me in a quandry. I have been looking for a principal's position, but now I am questioning if that is the direction I want to go or if I'm seriously going to work towards leadership with Premier Designs. What I know is that if I work this business, it can and will pay...more than being a principal. What I also know is that I have not been angry or frustrated after any of my jewelry shows...hmmmm. Usually, I'm hyper and excited, and HAPPY on my way home. Wonder how many days I can say that when I leave school? So, decisions, decisions. Lots to pray about. I heard an amazing Leader with Premier speak a week ago, and all I kept thinking was..."I could do that!" So, we'll just have to see what the Lord has in store.

School is down to 34 days (not that I'm counting) and I couldn't be more happy about that. It has been possibly the hardest/worst year I've ever endured over the last 17. Years like this make even the best/most dedicated teachers yearn for retirement. So...I say, "Thank you Lord for the blessing of Premier in my life and summer vacations!"

Just a quick update on the rest of my family...Mom had a total knee replacement a month ago and is doing great! She is such a trooper! Andrea and the girls are also hanging in there. Kenzie is going to have her tonsils out soon, but otherwise is growing up way too fast. Her 3rd birthday is next Monday! I just can't believe it! Addison is growing like a weed and keeping us all entertained with her constant smile and giggle. She is truely a delight! We're all praying for June to be here soon so Jon can return to his family from Afghanistan. I know nobody is praying harder than him. He won't believe those sweet girls when he sees them! UGH! I haven't given up, or stopped. I'm still plugging along, but I have not dropped a pound in well over a month and I'm SUPER frustrated! Gonna have to figure out how to break this plateau. I do feel great though and can't complain about that. I just know that I have miles to go and I want to be on my way. This pit stop has lasted long enough.


Holly said...

Not quite sure how I missed this! Great post Kel. Had such a great time when you were here:)

Juliet said...

I enjoyed this post very much. So glad you don't let the little things and precious moments slip by you!

Bumfluff said...

Wow a lot happens for you in a mere month, nice post!